Abra Collabra

Making your collaboration problems disappear

In this introductory course, we explored the basic principles of interaction design through the process of building a screen based prototype

Time: Spring 2022 // Interaction Design

Role: Interviewer, Researcher, Designer, Team Member

Tools: Miro, Illustrator, XD

Final Prototype:   HERE


How can interaction improve, support, and inform creative collaboration? THe project result is to be a designed screen based interaction with roots in your research that addresses needs or pain points for a specific audience. The final design is to be shared in teh form of a prototype.


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This project really helped give me a language and basic framework around traditional interaction design methodologies. Through clear step-by-step processes, I see how these methods can be applied to many more projects going forward. From interviewing, to persona building, to wireframe and high fidelity mock-ups, I now feel equipped to approach new design challenges in the future.

Team Members: Ariana Borgeson, Alison Chang
Instructor: David Chan