Buzz Buzz

Non-Linear motion with sound and images

I used orbital mechanics as inspiration to create a system of flying bees around a flower

Time: FALL 2021 // Creative Technology

Role: Creative Coder

Tools: P5.JS

Final Project:  HERE


Create a sketch that expresses non-linear movement on the screen.


First, I did some research about attractors to create this "orbit like" system

Interesting patterns emerged as I let the system record for some time:


One of the issues that I came across was in my audio playback. Originally, I wanted to synthesize the sound and have the bees create a doppler affect as the distance changes between the bees and the flower. Originally, I was using the bees x position of the bees to drive the frequency and the y position to affect volume. However, I was struggling to find a way instead have the driving force to be the distance from the center of the screen. On top of that, the synthesis of a bee sound was also proving difficult.

I ended up changing my concept to instead be a much simpler “audio playback” of a bee sample on loop. It was at first difficult for me to figure out how to have a new instance of audio playback happen as a new bee was instantiated. At first, I was trying to create this in the bee constructor but eventually, I realized that I could just preload the audio sample in my sketch.js and then have the mouse click function that drives the bee instances trigger a new instance of the audio playback which works great!.

Don't add to many bees or the buffer will get angry!

Instructor: Maxim Safioulline