The Perseverance Of Life

Conceptuallizing and building a webhosted 3D digital space

The year is 3024 and our techno-dystopian fears have become a reality. In my digital dream space, I carved out a section of the internet that harks back to a time in which humans would gather around a fire in one of the purest forms of human connection in hopes to facilitate interactions in a future devoid of it. I’d like to think that the perseverance of life is more resilient to the hardships and uncertainty ahead than we give ourselves credit. At minimum, it can exist here.

Time: Spring 2022 // Creative Technology 2

Role: Programmer, 3D Modeler

Tools: Blender, Aframe (Three.js)

Enter Dream Space:   HERE


With this project we'll begin the exploration of virtual environments. We'll look at how digital spaces can emulate or build upon the physical realm, and we'll take on the spaces that are not possible or not necessary in the material world, but present us with some exciting creative possibilities in the digital medium.

The project is not centered around a specific tool, but is rather meant to be an overview of (some) conventions, constraints, and opportunities in the digital 3D space.

The outcome of this project will be an environment you can call your digital home on the Web. Consider not only the elements that you would like to include but also the kinds of activities that your environment would be suitable for.

please create a Web page with the link to your Web-based environment and a video showing your Zoom space. Write about the process of creation of those space and consider the following questions:

What is the story behind this space?

What was the strategy in selecting and placing the components of your your environment? How and why did you make those selections?

What kinds of activities do you hope will take place in your space? How are you preparing for them? What are doing to promote and encourage those activities?

How would you build up on the final result? Would you add more stuff or refine the existing components?


I was very excited to have an opportunity to dive into the Aframe framework. The framework is a bit glitchy in areas but is a great tool to prototype virutal environemnts. I'd like to dive further into Three.js to unlock further understanding and customization, however, this introduction gave me a strong foundation for creating, uploading, and hosting 3D objects on the web.

Instructor: Maxim Safioulline