Flower Moiré

Using randomness and Perlin noise to create organic shapes

This project was an exploration in randomness, perlin noise, and waves

Time: FALL 2021 // Creative Technology

Role: Creative Coder

Tools: P5.JS

Final Project:  HERE


Use randomness and/or Perlin noise to create organic shapes. Add controls for the user to interact and modify them.


I started my explorations by getting a deep understanding of perlin noise, the characteristics of it, and how to create a graphical representationhttps://youtu.be/cny-HXUXiho

I was also very interested in interference patterns, so I created to recursive circles that overlap to create interesting interference patterns.

I wanted to introduce Perlin Noise to the recursive circles to create more organic tree cross-section like patterns. I created a loop using vertex() and distributed the vertexes based off of perlin values

I added parameters to control the amount of offset of the samples from the noise to create this eye like structure

Finally, I managed to get a recursive version of this shape and could manipulate the ship to make it more flower like

I duplicated the object and offset the x value by a sin function to have them overlap and added some control to manipulate the flower like structures

Other fun experiments and findings along the way: HERE


I really enjoyed this opportunity to explore noise in depth. It is a vast and powerful topic that I will definitely continue exploring as a useful tool to add randomness and an organic feel in my future creations.

Instructor: Maxim Safioulline