On Nostalgia

Film exploration on nostalgia and memory degredation

Throughout the course, we explored the basics of film through Videography, Editing, Structure, Motion Graphics, Audio, Etc. This module culminated in a short film on a topic of our choosing. Inspired by William Basisnki's Disintegration Loops and a poem by Johnny Sun, I chose to explore how to express nostalgia and memory degredation through film using digital and analog means.

Time: Spring 2022 // Expanded Cinema

Role: Videographer, Editer

Tools: TouchDesigner, After Effects, Premiere, DLSR, IPhone


The music in the video is The Disintegration Loops by William Basinski. The narration is from a book of essays, reflections, and illustrations called "Goodbye, again" by Jonny Sun from the chapter entitled "On nostalgia".


For the analog degredation, I printed out the frames of various clips and experimented with methods to destory the frames over time. These methods included scanning and printing frames many times, crumpling the paper, writing on the frames and pouring water on the pages.

sky degredation side view pile of images

For the digital degradation, I explored methods of glitching and distorting scenes using after effects and touchdesigner. A few experiments can be seen here:


Along the way, I had the opportunity to explore vairous techniques that manifested in a handful of fun outcomes that can be seen here:


This project allowed for an opportunity of pause and self reflection. As i've been in a period of transition, I've been thinking a lot about our memories. How they degrade over time and what gets left behind of them. Through the act of sourcing memories to physically and digitally degrading, the process ended up behind a cathartic clensing of the past. Using the messaging from Johnny sun's work helped organize and ground what I've been thinking. Interpreting those feelings into a video narrative was both challanging and rewarding. At first glance, the project might feel a bit sad as these memories degrade away from me, but in fact, it has become more of a call to action for myself to focus more on what is to come.

Instructor: Kate Parsons