Interactive gamefied website, branding, and album art for voyager record label

I was commissioned to create a artwork, album layouts, and an interactive website for a label called Voyager. Currently, the website is a simple tour announcement website with plans to build out a gamefied universe for users to navigate through 3D space. Planets will be added when musical releases come out. As users navigate to each planet, they can experience the released music, merch, etc.

Time: 2022 // Freelance

Role: Web Development, Designs, 3D Models

Tools: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Next.js, Three.js, p5.js, Blender, TouchDesigner, Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator



For their Voyager series, Fantastic Voyage Records commisioned me to create a new brand identity inspired by retro space aesthetics.

First, I created a mood board with various sources of inspiration. This included radar, weather graphics, 80s video games, futurism, heads up displays, terminal screens, and airline cockpits

The team setteld on the idea of using wireframes of 3D space objects as a place to start. I created some concepts in Blender and overlayed some heads up display elements. I created a feedback texture in TouchDesigner to mimic old vhs distortion

Final vinyl artwork + shirt design for the first release:

After this was finalized, I took the concepts into figma to create various ideas for the first version of the website which would be centered around a tour announcement.

I worked on a team with one other to help turn around a finished product in time for the deadline. The HUD elements were created using p5.js, the 3D objects were integrated using three.js and we used an API from bandsintown to pull tour date information.

We will continue to integrate more 3D objects to build out the website as more music releases come out.